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Chan Kwong - Founder
Chan Chiu Tak - Successor

Chan Kwong Kee origins date back to 1907 in Hong Kong. The company's breakthrough came with the new management of the third generation of the CHAN's family in the 1980's.

With our headquarters based in Hong Kong, we act as a buying agent as well as an import and export firm serving the jewelry industry for more than one century Through our branches in Panyu, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam as well as a specially selected network of representatives and wholesalers, Chan Kwong Kee is able to distribute its products throughout the world.

We specialise in sourcing good quality tools, equipment, materials, findings and packaging for jewelers and providing them with competitive prices as well as consultation services based on our outstanding history and experiences to satisfy every customer's need in every aspect.

We wholesale more than 6,000 items used for gem testing, chain making, electroplating, polishing, cutting, soldering, stamping, engraving, refining, measuring, stone setting, cleaning, wax carving, casting, melting, packaging, window display ......etc.

With our IT and Mechanic Division in our headquarters as backup and more than 60 sales people in the front line, we are absolutely confident that we can fulfill all the follow-up work before sales and after sales.

Now, with the participation of the fourth generation, our business has diversified into the jewllery retailing sector. Presently, we have 3 jewellery specialty stores and few sales outles in the Philippines, developing ‘Lowanna’ jewelries – a very famous Australian brand.

Together with total of 120 employees in Asia we would like to celebrate our 112th anniversary with you and to contribute to the greatest success together in future.